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Meet the Herbalist

My name is Philip Bramucci and I am your Master Herbalist.

Thank you for visiting our website. This is the first step toward taking responsibility and control of your own health and wellness. The human body is "designed" to be well. This is the body's natural state, and all things are drawn toward their natural state. When exposed to toxins, stress, or pathogens the body immediately responds in order to return to a state of balance. This natural ability to return to a balanced state -- or homeostasis -- is the strongest form of medicine and our greatest advantage for living long, happy, and healthy lives.

Our bodies perform these acts without a mindful response from us. We do not tell our blood to clot, our muscles to repair damage, our bones to grow, or any of the other countless actions that are occuring every minute of every day throughout our lives. Every cell in our body is at all times consciously working together to provide us with the best quality of life they can. Our single responsibility in this synergistic effort? -- to provide the best quality building blocks they need to perform those actions. Through proper diet (food, herbal supplements, water), exercise (resistance, balance, flexibility, aerobic), and spiritual refinement (meditation, breathing, mindfulness, stress relief), we can give back to our system and assume our proper position in this cycle.

The way Burning Tree Wellness operates is unique. I wanted to make myself and my herbs available to you right in your own home. As an herbalist, there is nothing worse than seeing the shelf brand teas and supplements with false or missing ingredients claiming to provide health and wellness to their trusting customers. Burning Tree products are not your store brand herbs. Our products are guaranteed to be made with 100% certified organic ingredients and always contain the herbs you want. No fillers, no lies, and no cutting corners. Everything is hand-crafted by myself just for you after placing your order.

Click here to view our line of perfectly blended herbal teas or contact us if you want us to make your own tea just for you. You can even name it.


Consultations not required to "build your own tea". Consultations are for those that want to take an holistic approach to their health and wellness. In your consultation, we will look at all aspects of your life and discover a path to meet your wellness goals. Members receive discounts for consultations. So be sure to sign up and we'll send your discount code. Please click here to choose your consultation type and schedule an appointment with your master herbalist, Philip Bramucci, R.H.